The Automation Trap

Custom software can often bring businesses specific automation and efficiency that simply is not possible from a canned solution. This increase in efficiency helps reduce payroll and increases your profits. But at what costs?
Custom Software can also come with increased expenses in Information Technology departments in order to maintain the final solution. Not all companies are in the business of software technology yet find themselves losing profits to expensive programming staffs. Often these businesses feel as though they are held hostage by the creators of their custom solutions fearing employee turnover and loss of support.

How UDI Can Help

Once your system is operational, UDI can take over the support and maintenance, and our staff can provide additional enhancements to increase functionality, improve the automation, increase the documentation, and provide support for your users. Instead of managing the software development team and worrying about your future, your management team can concentrate on your business and leave the IT worries to us.

Maintenance Services

Custom software can have glitches that do not appear until years after the system goes into production. These software issues may arise because of increased business, increased user counts, changes to the Windows platform, or a host of other concerns. UDI has expert troubleshooters on staff that can isolate these issues, improve the stability of the system, and prevent similar occurrences.

System Improvements

Almost every piece of software can be improved based on the needs of the users. Changes occur that require modifications that, if ignored, will reduce the effectiveness and capabilities of your custom solution. Ongoing software development allows your staff to get the modifications they require, allows your technology to grow with your business needs, and prevents your solution from holding you back.

Completion of Solutions

Solutions are often left uncompleted due to either inefficiencies of the original vendor or due to unforeseen circumstances affecting the development team. UDI can complete these solutions to provide the required functionality and finish where the other software development team left off. While other vendors might recommend complete rewrite of your solution, UDI can typically finish what was originally designed and get your business up and running quickly.

Improved Quality and Reliability

UDI can provide Quality Assurance services including automated regression testing, user acceptance processes, unit testing, and other services that can make your solution much more stable and reliable. Our system analysts can help make reporting more reliable, increase user confidence in your solution, and ensure that your business has a system it can rely on.

Staff Augmentation

UDI can help existing IT teams and businesses by serving in key roles on your team:

  • CIO Level – UDI has more than 35 years of senior IT management experience to lend to your business.
  • Developers – UDI can provide on-site developers to help your staff achieve deadlines.
  • Business Analysts – UDI’s BAs can bridge the gap between user requirements and IT specifications.
  • Quality Assurance Analysts – UDI can help you set up your QA department and provide user training and documentation.
  • Proactive Hardware Support – UDI offers proactive support for servers, networks, and desktops for those clients in the South Florida area.

Simple Program


$70 per credit hr
  • Hours Charged by Complexity
  • Hours Roll Over
  • Quarterly Contract
  • SLA Included
  • Optional Monitoring

Client-Server App

Complex Systems


$60 per credit hr
  • Hours Charged by Complexity
  • Hours Roll Over
  • Quarterly Contract
  • SLA Included
  • Monitoring Included

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